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Akka Nasi Lemak Viral
Photo from Akka Nasi Lemak Viral TikTok

Akka Nasi Lemak Viral Delights Patrons with a New Kiosk


Akka Nasi Lemak Viral or Sangeetha will notify customers in advance on her TikTok page which boasts 111,500 followers and 762,800 likes of any change in time…

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white Singapore Airlines airplane flying during cloudy day
Image of a Singapore Airlines Airbus A350. Photo by Tim Dennert on Unsplash

Singapore Airlines Now Offering FREE UNLIMITED Wifi In All Classes 


Singapore Airlines is always known to be one of the more forward thinking airlines in Southeast asia. They have consistently won the best airline in the world. They will also be providing complimentary and unrestricted WiFi access to passengers across all travel classes.…

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black and red coca cola vending machine
Photo by Marc Noorman on Unsplash

Malaysians Approve Of NEW Inisiatif Pendapat Rakyat Vending Machines


It appears that netizens are approving of having more vending machines in Malaysia. One Twitter user states that he is earning RM1,000 a week from this initiative. He then states that after expenses are deducted, he earns about RM500 a week.…

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Photo from Instagram: Tavia Yeung

Is TAVIA Yeung Having a TROUBLED Marriage Now?


Tavia posted this picture of an angry emoji, along with this fury-fuelled caption: “When you feel angry and disappointed." She adds, lying and lying again...…

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Jacky Cheung
Titled Jacky Cheung 60+ Concert Tour, the show will kickstart in Macau on June 9, 2023.Photo: Unusual Entertainment/Facebook

Jacky Cheung Concert: Now Scalpers Profit from Reselling


Scalpers once again took advantage of the high-demand for Jacky Cheung Concert tickets selling them at a much higher prices on the black market…

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Coldplay, Sheila, indonesian bride
Image from Coldplay's official Twitter account.

Orang Dalam Selling COLDPLAY Tickets at Double PRICE


In Indonesia, a former beauty queen is caught selling Coldplay tickets she obtained in advance at double the prices. Its kantoi for her...but in Malaysia?…

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Heriot-Watt’s Watt-A-Run 2023 Aims To Promote Good Health And Well-Being


Heriot-Watt University Malaysia’s event expects to attract over 1,500 participants and is aligned with HWUM's positive education initiative called 'AHappierU,' which embraces the 10 keys to happier living by Action for Happiness.…

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Wong Chen

MP Wong Chen Assumes New Role as Chairman of MDV


Given Wong Chen's vast experience and expertise, MDV expresses confidence that under his leadership, the company will continue advancing the technology and new enterprises in Malaysia for the nation's benefit.…

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Velum Labs
President and group CEO of Sapura Tan Sri Shahril Shamsudin (right), presenting token of appreciation to Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, in conjunction of the launch of VDark, this morning.

Velum Labs Taps Global Cyber Intelligence Market with Home-Grown Talent


At Velum Labs, we are engaging with worldwide engineering firms utilizing top technology to enable strategic two-way knowledge transfer in building the necessary know-how and skill set in cyber- attack methodologies.…

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Official Fired Putrajaya Civil Servants
Photo of the PMO at Putrajaya - Wikipedia

Civil Servants Who SKIP Work Will NOW Be Subjected To DISCIPLINARY Actions, Netizens APPROVE 


: Last year, disciplinary measures were taken against 591 civil servants due to a range of offenses. Netizens are supportive of this decision. However, some are stating that they should be fired from their positions.…

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