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Gal Gadot
Image screen shotted from Twitter user @JulesJulietta

Netizens Now Saying Gal Gadot’s “YAHUDINESS” Is Showing


Regardless, Gal Gadot appeared for the luxury jewelry brand Tiffanys and made an error while cutting the ribbon. Another user asked if she had any relations with Sungai Gadut, the town that is located in Seremban.…

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Chanel Singapore
Image taken from Chanel's official website.

Chanel’s NEW Price Inceases, Luxury Enthusaists Say They Want RICH Customers ONLY 


The most common topic among luxury shoppers is that Chanel trying their level best to compete with Hermes. The prices escalated immensely since 2019, accurately, it increased by 60% for certain handbags.…

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Aina Abdul
Image screen shotted from Twitter user @joulcapik

Malaysians ANNOYED At Aina Abdul’s New OUTFIT On National Television 


Netizens are stating that they no longer want to support Aina Abdul’s music due to her behavior. There are talks on boycotting the show that she is currently on.…

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Image screenshotted from TikTok user @melworeit

TikToker Found A Second Hand HERMES Bag At THRIFT STORE 


There were some users that state that if this Hermes bag is fake, luxury brands should be ashamed of themselves for not being “thousands of dollars” in quality terms, better than their own fakes.…

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a pair of white sneakers sitting on top of a box Fake
Photo by Max Anderson on Unsplash

The NEW Rise Of FAKE LUXURY ITEMS, Designer Brands Raised Their Prices TOO MUCH


One of the biggest reasons is due to the brands increasing their prices while significantly allegedly reducing their quality, case in point Chanel. An article written back in late 2022 depicts that the fake market is worth over $3 Trillion.…

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VERSACE’s NEW 2024 Look Co Designed By DUA LIPA


However, there are some signs that Versace is declining, Johor Premium Outlets has their items on massive discounts. Others state that the men’s looks are amazing, but the girl clothes look as though it is a Shein product.…

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Image screen shotted from YouTuber @LVloverCC

New: CHANEL Customer COMPLAINS That Her RM30,000 Bag BROKE 


The real irony is that a super fake Chanel bag can cost up to RM 9,000 and some are stating that they now have the exact same craftsmanship as the original ones. Some are stating that they are now banking solely on their logo.…

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Image screen shotted from YouTube user @laura88lee



Others are saying that when convenience stores or chain supermarkets offer this, it is wrong. But when a store like Zara has it, it is suddenly innovative and futuristic.…

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Amber Heard Dior Johnny depp



Dior announced their renewal for Johnny Depp for RM90 Million. Netizens are stating that they are standing for Amber Heard and claim that she too deserves justice. However, luxury enthusiasts state that it is illogical to cancel a couture house for selecting an individual to promote their perfume line.…

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green and white UNKs coffee store signage Rolex
Photo by Nathan Aguirre on Unsplash

ROLEX Watch Bought For RM404 In The 60s SOLD For RM1.1 MILLION In 2020


It is a popular trend to see watches from certain brands like Rolex, AP, Patek Philippe to gain rapidly in value after purchase. However, this is true only for a select line of their watches.…

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