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Foreign Workers
Image screen shotted from X page @MALAYSIAVIRALLL

Foreign workers Now Allegedly HIDING Supplies of Rice and Oil


Netizens are praising the local authorities for doing their job as these foreign workers are caught in the act. Following that, users state that it is common to happen in smaller grocery stores rather than big chain supermarkets. …

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LRT Kelana Jaya Elderly Man
Image taken by Maksym Kozlenko on Wikipedia.

Netizens Now ANGRY at Elderly Man in LRT REFUSING to Move Bag Occupying Another Seat


Recently, an elderly man was scrutinized for not budging to take his bag away from the seat next to him during rush hour. Netizens also critiqued the fact that he took off his shoes on the train. …

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NEW: Badminton in India: Choong Hon Jian-Haikal Nazri Win Again


Malaysian badminton pair Choong Hon Jian-Haikal Nazri continue their winning streak in the Guwahati Masters, India, alongside other successful Malaysian players.…

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Bungkus Kaw Kaw
no pork no lard in question

NEW: Is Bungkus Kaw Kaw Under Pressure to Get a Halal Certificate?


There are calls forJAKIM to re-evaluate the Halal application process, especially with regard to costs to benefit all SMEs including Bungkus Kaw Kaw…

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Palm Oil
Neow Choo Seong actively interacting with the community in Ipoh with survey on palm oil

New: Empowering Communities into Supporting Malaysia’s Palm Oil Industry


Neow Choo Seong, MCA Youth Information Chief, emphasizes the palm oil industry's significant contribution to Malaysia's economy and social development. He encourages informed advocacy and sustainable practices, while spotlighting the need for collective support.…

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