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This is a page to show respect to the living and those who passes away. RIP as in Rest in Peace.

Pisang Goreng
Image from Wikipedia.

Customer Now UNALIVES Pisang Goreng Seller After Told NOT To TOUCH Merchandise 


A sad story is currently all over social media where a pisang goreng seller was unalived by a customer who was told to not touch the seller’s merchandise. X users are sharing their sadness towards the pisang goreng seller. They claim that he used to sing while selling his delicious snacks.…

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white and black truck on road during daytime Two
Photo by Sam Rowe on Unsplash

Two Detained Now in Investigation of Shirtless Man’s Body Found in Lorry


Two individuals were apprehended to aid in the inquiry into the discovery of a deceased, unclothed man in a truck at a parking area in Danau Kota, Setapak, in the early hours of yesterday. …

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Singapore Driver

New: Singapore Driver of Mercedes Hits Moto in PD. Boy, 4, dies


The motorbike was making a right turn towards Ladang Sua Betong while the Singapore driver of the Mercedes was moving forward when both vehicles collided…

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Mohamed Al Fayed, Harrods Boss Linked to Princess Diana, Now Passes Away
Image screen shotted from Wikipedia.

Mohamed Al Fayed, Harrods Boss Linked to Princess Diana Now Passes Away


Mohamed Al Fayed, the former Harrods chairman, has passed away at the age of 94. Although born in Egypt, he established a business empire in the Middle East before relocating to the UK in the 1970s.…

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Penang seawater, Haryadi Salleh
Beach during golden hour - Not the Penang Seaside. - Pexels photo

New: Heroic Acts by Haryadi Salleh Who Lost His Life on Merdeka Day


The joy of the three children of Haryadi Salleh spending the National Day holiday with a picnic by Miami Beach in Penang turned into tragedy.…

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Shiba Inu
Not a photo of Cheems - Photo: Wikipedia

New: Cheems, the Shiba Inu Behind ‘Cheemsburbger’ Passes Away


The Shiba inu pup is known for one of the most recognisable viral images – Cheems because it loves to eat cheese burgers.…

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autopsies, no chance
Photo from CNN YouTube

Autopsies on 10 Elmina Crash Victims Now Completed


Selangor police chief Datuk Hussein Omar Khan says as many as 300 samples of body parts were sent for DNA testing and 30 per cent were completed…

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plane nosedived, injured cat cockpit, no chance

New: Plane Nosedived on a White Vehicle


Disturbing photographs from the scene showed how the plane had partially disintegrated. Latest videos show how the plane nosedived and crashed…

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