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This is a page to show respect to the living and those who passes away. RIP as in Rest in Peace.

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Photo by Waldemar on Unsplash.

Unalived Woman Found in Car at Kota Bharu Shell Station


The forensic report attributed the cause of death to carbon monoxide poisoning with a woman found unlalived in a car in Kota Bharu...…

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Tourist dies, woman slips
Pingshan, Hebei, China - Not the Indonesian glass bridge

New: Tourist Dies as Indonesian Glass Bridge Shattered


Tourist dies in Indonesia glass bridge collapse and the incident has raised concerns about safety and sustainability at Indonesia's tourist destinations…

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LM Editorial
LM Editorial

New: EX LM Editorial Team Member Ranjit Singh Passes Away


JS Ranjit Singh, associated with various news organizations including FMT, died of a heart attack at 53. He was part of #latestmalaysia launch in 2021…

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Bobby Charlton, tan-talising
Main picture: The "United Trinity" statue of Charlton (right) alongside Denis Law (centre) and George Best (left) outside Old Trafford - Wikipedia

New: Sir Bobby Charlton, 1966 World Cup Hero Dies


Sir Bobby Charlton battled against dementia for years but will be remembered for the great football he played for both Man Utd and England…

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