Najib Razak’s Prison Sentence: Netizens Reaction 

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The news that Najib Razak was sentenced to prison yesterday spread like wildfire, not just all of Malaysia, but all of the world. The former Prime Minister has received a number of backlash online after the sentencing was announced. 

Netizens stated on Twitter with a ‘prayer circle’ meme that he will have a safe trip to Sungai Buloh prison. Others on a TikTok video stated that he deserved to go to jail and that all the evidence was factual, hence the sentencing. 

Some even said ‘no more bossku’, which was a running meme Najib had after being accused of corruption and other numerous charges and losing the general election in 2018. Najib has done two firsts in Malaysian political history, the first UMNO/BN leader to lose the general election and the first former Prime Minister to end up in jail. 

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