Raids at Invoke Desperate Tactics of BN?

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Rafizi Ramli says the Barisan Nasional government, knowing that it is losing the elections, is using desperate tactics to scare voters in an attempt to tarnish the image of the PH opposition after raids on his company, Invoke, today.

“The MACC has conducted a second raid this morning on Invoke Solutions,” says Rafizi, Invoke is a company founded by the PKR deputy president while the Customs Department has also sent notice that it will do the same.

Desperate Tactics

Nevertheless, Rafizi stresses that it is, “a political prosecution meant to turn the sentiments against Pakatan Harapan before polling day on Nov 19. I think BN also understands that they will lose in the general election so, in the last two or three days of the campaign, they are desperate to find political ammo.”

Desperate Tactics
Raids at Invoke Desperate Tactics of BN? – Photo: Rafizi Ramli

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