Only In SINGAPORE: Woman Nonchalantly Leaves RM30,000 CHANEL Bag On Restaurant Table

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Chanel Singapore
Image taken from Chanel's official website.

It seems that this may happen only in Singapore, and probably a rich Arab country as well. Some might even go as far to say that Singapore is the UAE of Southeast Asia as the people there seem to be pretty wealthy. Wealthy to the point where it’s hard to get designer items on table restaurants casually. 

Is it normal for people to leave their designer goods unattended that easily in Singapore? 

Mothership SG posted the whole ordeal on Twitter, garnering a vast amount of people commenting on it. Furthermore, netizens are stating that this is probably not even a big deal for the owner as there are an abundance of millionaires in the country. 

There are some netizens stating that there are people that would use their Richard Mille watch in order to “chop” seats at certain establishments. Others state that is why Singapore is called one of the safest countries in the world, the probability for you to get robbed is really low. 

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Chanel Singapore
Image taken from Chanel’s official website.

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