Najib & Rosmah To Be Stripped Of Their Titles – Sultan Selangor

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According to The Vibes’ Twitter account, it was stated that the Sultan of Selangor has decreed that Najib and Rosmah will be stripped of their titles given to them by the Selangor palace. Netizens are agreeing with the Sultan as they felt it was what Najib and Rosmah deserve.

This news came as a shocking one as just last week Najib Razak petitioned for a Royal pardon. However, with this recent development, it is unclear whether a pardon will be given to him or not.

Netizens reminisced on the lack of freedom of speech in Malaysia during his reign of dictatorship. If anyone were to say anything negative about our jailbird former PM, they would be packed up and shipped to jail. Does that even sound like democracy? You decide.

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