Umno Man Warns Gov’t Could Fall in Langkah London

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The Umno information Chief, Isham Jalil has warns the Unity Government of Anwar Ibrahim may not last long if the party were to hold its elections while in the meantime, PN leaders are meeting to trigger the London Move. The Umno man warns these are critical days for the Unity Gov’t.

While he says the party will discuss many issues next week, including defeat in GE15, cooperation in the Unity Government and party selection, the party election is a critical point for Umno.

Umno Man Warns

“We will discuss the Umno election because in this critical time, the economic situation is not good, we face the risk of another government change and if Umno is not stable, many things will happen.

“If the government falls, there is more political instability, then investors will not come in. What will happen to our country, so that’s why I say this Umno election will not only affect Umno but the whole country will be affected and determine what will happen to this country,” he says.

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Umno Man Warns
Umno Man Warns Gov’t Could Fall in Lankah London

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