Netizens Asking Why PN Leaders Have No Courage In Parliament 

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PN walkout
Image of Wan Fayshal, photo taken by Lhmdzim from Wikipedia.

Recently, a PN member, Wan Fayshal made a statement that has triggered the netizens on Twitter. He claims that the PM office was not invited for official functions in Saudi, but they state that he was, hastily. 

PN leaders say whatever they want only outside of parliament 

Netizens are rushing to say that these people are “cowards” hence why they are not giving the government the opportunity to respond to their claims. Others claim that in PM Anwar’s government nobody dares to make any ridiculous claim in front of him. 

PH supporters are asking how the government is going to tackle misinformation like these from being spread. Netizens are also calling PN “Pondan Nasional” (pondan being a derogatory word for homosexual men) for not having the courage to make these claims in front of the Prime Minister. 

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Image of Wan Fayshal, photo taken by Lhmdzim from Wikipedia.

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