Zafrul’s Bike Cleaning Rattles Netizens

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When celebrated cartoonist Zunar publishes something, there is always a string of responses, some hilarious or sarcastic but netizens rarely misses them, like in the case of the photo of Tengku Zafrul’s bike cleaning photo op.

Netizens are asking when the outgoing PM will follow Zafrul’s bike cleaning gag, telling Zunar on Linkedin where the cartoonist posted the photo that their cars needed cleaning.

Another Linkedin user says, “Ada lagi ke yang nak pangkah mangkuk ni? Nilai Ringgit jatuh teruk, ekonomi teruk, OPR asyik naik, harga semua barangan melambung, gaji masih tak banyak berubah……rakyat marhaen merana…putera dan puteri kayangan maharajalela……nak undi putera kayangan ini ke?”

Zafrul’s bike cleaning

Zafrul's bike cleaning
Zafrul’s bike cleaning rattles netizens

Looks like it is a bad start of his political career for the outgoing Minister of Finance who is attacked for the hike in the ringgit, the lack of wage increase and other economic woes the people are suffering.

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