Crosswalks Are The New Fashion Runway 

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Local designer Behati has been making waves for the past few days with their new Hari Raya collection. The outfits are fashionable but at the same time controversial as some netizens were criticising that they altered traditional clothes. 

Fashion runway in 2023

A netizen recently shared an amusing anecdote about their attempt to cross the street, only to realise that the thoroughfare had transformed into a fashion runway. This unexpected turn of events prompted other online users to make light of the situation. 

Some humorously suggest that if Mat Kilau, a legendary warrior who fought against the British colonisation of Malaya in the 19th century, were alive today, he might question his efforts to defend the region.

There were a number of homophobic comments directed towards the models. In the end of the day, it was a marketing strategy that went well as Twitter is still raving about the new collection. 


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Image from Twitter.

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