School Motivator Unapproved By Netizens 

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A number of Malaysian schools at times would hire motivators to lift up the spirits of students. A viral video showed a motivator encouraging a student to scream out her desire for good results. Netizens feel that it is redundant and ridiculous. 

School motivators, are they redundant? 

A netizen recently shared a memory of a school assembly where a motivator was called in to inspire the students. During the session, the motivator asked the students to write their parents’ names on a piece of paper and crumple it up. Then, the motivator proceeded to shame the students for their behaviour, implying that it was disrespectful to their parents. While the intention of the motivator may have been to inspire the students, the execution was seen as tasteless by netizens.

On Twitter, another user shared their relief at not having encountered such motivators since graduating nearly 20 years ago. Many others echoed similar sentiments, stating that some motivators emotionally manipulate students, causing them to feel intense emotions such as rage or tears.

Despite their good intentions, some netizens accused these motivators of borderline MLM recruiting tactics. Former students who saw through the absurdity of such speeches expressed pride in their ability to resist emotional manipulation and avoid being reduced to tears.

Overall, while motivational speeches can be inspiring, it is important to be aware of the tactics employed by some speakers, which may be emotionally manipulative or seen as tasteless. It is crucial to distinguish between genuine inspiration and manipulative tactics, and to foster an environment that promotes positive and uplifting messages without resorting to questionable methods.

school motivator

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School motivator
Image of a school student receiving “motivation.”

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