Calls for CHANGE in SELANGOR GOVERNMENT After Three Terms – PAS Leader

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PAS Leader Selangor
Image of Dr. Halimah Ali from her official Twitter account.

The current challenges faced by Perikatan Nasional are becoming evident as their party members make peculiar statements. Dr. Halimah Ali, an ex Selangor Executive Councillor and PAS Central Committee Member, claims that after three terms of the same party ruling Selangor, a change is needed in the state government.

PAS leader states that Selangor government needs to change 

Perikatan Nasional members assert their ability to win over Selangor and Penang, despite the latter being a stronghold of DAP. They argue that the coalition government is causing division among their supporters, although this claim lacks factual evidence and is propagated by political rivals. Unfortunately for Perikatan Nasional, Twitter users strongly oppose them. 

Netizens challenge Dr. Halimah’s statement criticized PAS for the underdevelopment of Kelantan over the past 30 years and questioned her credibility to speak about Selangor.

The sentiment against PAS extends further, with concerns about the party’s exploitation of religion for personal gain. Users express dissatisfaction, calling for systemic change rather than a mere replacement of hypocritical governments.

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PAS Leader Selangor
Image of Dr. Halimah Ali from her official Twitter account.

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