Video of the Week: Ustaz Who Prayed To See Anwar Become PM Passes Away

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Terengganu Open House, video of the week
Before going to Kuala Terengganu, Anwar had time to visit his brother in combat, Al-Fadhil Ustaz Razali Nawawi, the founder and former first President of ABIM who is now in poor health.

The first president of ABIM, Prof Dr Ustaz Razali Nawawi was close to PM Anwar Ibrahim and this video is our video of the week. It shows the Ustaz praying that he is given the chance to see Anwar become PM. His wishes came true. He met Anwar as PM and he passed away after that.

Wishes of Ustaz Razali Nawawi

Not many people can get their wishes to come true and it almost always a dream, right. For this great man who led Abim at its beginning, it is a miracle, perhaps. The same way, many of the Malaysian Rakyat also wished to see Anwar become PM.

Video of the Week

For the Ustaz, he was sick for a long time but he kept his faith alive that one day he will see Anwar the PM of Malaysia. He was one of Anwar’s early mentors, teachers who taught our PM many things that he holds dear to. The Ustaz passed away yesterday.

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